live like you are on the bottom even if you are at the top

In the future people will talk about the jonas brothers.
They will talk about them like we talk about the beatles. Hanson and N’SYNC
They will talk about the records they made. They will talk about the sold out concerts. They will talk about their style, family and beliefs.
They will talk about the adoring fans who waited hours for just a glimpse of their favourite boys.
But they will never talk about and people will never understand how nick’s battle with diabetes inspired millions.  How even though he’s the one with diabetes, he did the most on stage.
They wont understand his genuine love of music and how he was born to play.
They will never talk about how Joe could light up a room with his jokes and bright smile.
How his mis tricks could pone anyone else’s any day.
They wont understand how he could get packed arenas and stadiums to move together as one.
They wont talk about how kevin’s guitar skills made millions want to learn to play. How his SOS dance became a legend.
They wont ever understand how his energy level never went down and how he did his best to make every fan feel special.
They will never know that when he did one of his famous spins while still playing the whole crowd held their breaths.
People will never understand that the jonas brothers youtube videos never got old.
How we coul be in the worst mood but they made as laugh.
They wont get the joy we felt and the tears that fell when we went to our first concert.
They wont understand that campfire is something every fan dreams of being a part of
They wont understand how the jonas brothers gave us something to believe in each and every day. How they made us better people.
They wont know that we love the jonas brothers, but we love nick, joa and Kevin more, just as people.
They will never talk about how much the jonas brothers meant to us.
But we do. The fans of the past, the present and the future, we know it all.

To all the fans I just want to say I love you. From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you for a great album release day. Goodnight
"We had a show in Buenos Aires that was pretty insane, the venue we played was really big and the fans were so passionate. It was absolutely incredible, so that was a pretty insane show" -NJ

no te puedo explicar lo feliz que fui al escuchar esas palabras-
de todos los shows que hiciste el de argentina fue el mas increible?
WOW. no lo puedo creer.
te juro que no caigo todavia. no lo puedo creer.

es increible como despues de tanto tiempo, te acuerdes del 21/05, te acuerdes de mi pais, pero.. te acordas de una forma distinta, diferente y me lo demostraste ayer nick, y eso significa mucho mas que cualquier cosa. 
que los jonas brothers, o por lo menos nick jonas destaque argentina entre la gira mundial es lo mas que puedo pedir.
te juro que soy feliz.

muchisimas gracias nick, muchas gracias de verdad, eso que dijiste fue lo mejor que me dijeron/escuche en lo que va del 2010 ,incluso si me dicen que vuelven.
es mas, nunca fui tan feliz en lo que va del año.

and all my dreams bring together..

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People wont understend how we could be in our worst mood, but they make us laught.
when my world is falling apart
when there's no light
to break up the dark
that's when I look at you
Who i am. just me-

you are the cutest in the world :) I love you, and you deserve all the best.

woohoo, time for starbucks ;)